Usual complaints on usual suspects



Hier, le blog RWE s’alarmait une nouvelle fois parce que le monde économique tourne à vide! Un rapide billet titrant ”

Banks first. And second. And third. Three little ECB economists about the function of Eurozone households.

prend une nouvelle fois en flagrant délit de déni, 3 économistes bon teints faisant leur travail as usual… Un effet de contexte ? Je sortais en effet momentanément d’une écriture intensive d’un article/chapitre sur “L’Eurasie, tourment et tournant pour l’Europe ?“,  alors ma plume n’a fait qu’un saut que je livre ici (en anglais) :

I don’t know is “modern economist ” is the proper term to be used as G. Connelly has suggested. However, the problem is the same with journalists, «financists» and so on : Who will give job to that modern economist or that modern journalist? A global CONVENTION is that things may stay as they are And the pressure is “make your best to make people think of that… Teach educate them in that way and shut your mouth!” One must live that way until the end of the world and the final crises arrive!…this is the implicit rhetoric.

Some «modern heros» now are breaking the panorama : Interesting testimony of a german editor Udo Ulfkotte about CIA pressure along his whole life to write what it must be written ;

Udo Ulfkotte, Bought Journalism. How Politicians, Intelligence and High Finance Control German’s Mass Media. Kopp, Rottenburg am Neckar 2014,

He is the new Whistleblower, acting on that matter as E. Snowden (living a quite and simple life in Russia for a glance )

Do you know at least one famous economist able to do the same? Declaring publicly that he has to support un sane economic view to enjoy EU contracts or banks funding? We all know that thing are going this way…but we are waiting until that emerge an honest Economic Whistleblower, «the modern hero ?»- with no family to protect eventually-.

In the mean time what to do ? Leave the «normal» and framed world and go to another planet! There is  a compromise in that way : take a plane ticket  (not a private falcon – stay discrete for a more viable option) with your family and keep living in Russia or China or in the surounding


I have made the Russia choice since 2007! It has really worked as a supportive viable path and I am please of that for my 3 children as it seens the wave coming in Europe with the lost of our roots and identity….our History  and sense.  Russia protects European identity mush more than other places in the world (180 ethnicities and even more are leaving on that huge territory not even perturbed for centuries…where is the same in the planet). Let’s apart that topic  that I think nobody used to think about with the usual russ-soviet bashing…


However as an economist I had to write for Science Academy publications mainly in Russian or other East world academic revues and forget the stars elite anglo-saxon publications for ever. (f.i for a Bulgarian revue written both in english and  bulgarian : text) :

This is the option for me to be rather coherent with criticizing comfortable funding colleges of the main steam that want that world never change for their own interest : the rhetoric of «the End of History» is based on that credo….however «and the last men» also!

What about the future ? Wait until the honest Economic Whistleblower arrived or popular political turn eventually in the European society? If the Society is not to be killed, still asleep.

Keep hope! (not ironically)


Source de la photo à la une : Un couple cuisinant dans un appartement de Moscou (détail). Pour voir la photo entière et savoir qui est à côté de le jeune femme, aller sur l’article de  Russia Insider voir la photo entière. Montage ? Who knows?

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