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Un nouvel article de viabilité publié avec la collaboration de collègues bulgares rencontrés à Donetz lors du colloque 2014 : « Problèmes of foreign economic relations development and attraction of foreign investments, regional aspect », ISSN 1991-3524 des 31 janvier et 1ier février 2014.

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Présentation de l’article :


Inflation and Labour Capital Distribution: the Viable Compromises


Goodwin model, viability kernel, regulation policy, viability of evolutions, budgetary and monetary regulation tools

Our contribution aims to revisit the well known Goodwin’s model in macroeconomics by the light of set-valued analysis taking into account state and regulation constraints in a viability program. The model of Goodwin (1967) deals with dynamic iteractions between employment and salary levels. It provides endogenous explanations of cyclical trends in dynamical economy. Viability methods enable investigating model properties and revealing appropriate regulation allowing the evolution to fulfill some prescribed qualitative objective. Then, applying computational methods derived from the Viability Kernel Algorithm, one can stretch the traditional Goodwin model analysis up to the institutional framework of the economy including monetary and budgetary aspects of the regulation policy from the public authorities, namely the state government, the central bank and eventually the rivalry between the two boards thanks to dynamical games.

JEL: Е24, Е25
Pages: 22